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Metro Detroit Entrepreneur Expands Jewelry Business with Proposal Planning Service; Helps Men Find Perfect Diamond Ring, Create the Perfect Engagement Experience

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For men, planning a wedding proposal and engagement can be intimidating. He must learn about diamonds, find the perfect ring, pop the question at the right time and place and then hope to earn that special, "Yes!" from his woman.

Today, Bloomfield Hills entrepreneur Phillip Locke will make it easier for men with his new firm, "Engagements Made Easy."

"www.EngagementsMadeEasy.com" suggests creative ways for men to create a dream experience for their fiancé.

Online examples include:

· Romantic proposal ideas

· Special holiday themes in exotic or local locations, limo transportation, flowers, musicians, Restaurant ideas, and catered dinners at home

· Customized travel plans

· A variety of engagement and wedding ring options to meet the client's vision and budget

· Engagement party ideas

· Unique Engagement Announcements

The client then visits Locke's upscale office in Bloomfield to review ideas and to select an engagement ring from his jewelry collection-- all in a relaxed atmosphere with refreshments. The ultimate engagement experience is planned: the perfect ring, place and moment. The goal is to ensure a lasting memory for the happy couple. The great price Locke offers for his diamond engagement rings and wedding rings make "Engagements Made Easy" a total package.

According to Locke, no matter whether the clients arrange their engagement plan through his firm or not, each customer will learn nuances of buying a diamond from his trained GIA staff.

Locke, a Flint native who has operated many jewelry store in san francisco ca businesses, is now the owner of a high end jewelry business called Bloomfield Hills Estate Buyers. He got the idea for "EngagementsMadeEasy.com" when he helped a friend select an engagement ring and plan a unique proposal. "There's a real need out there." says Locke. "Guys want to make it special, but they panic over the details. They need to know we've got their back. Engagements Made Easy will do the work so he can be her hero."

Locke adds, "We can plan a custom engagement for any budget from $500 to $50,000. And with our network of Michigan-based partners, we can bring a client's dream to life. That's what a memorable engagement is all about, and we can make it easy."

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